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About Us

With extensive experience in big game hunting from around the world, let us organize your next big game hunting adventure. If your quest is a trophy Michigan Elk or a big bodied, heavy antlered, Whitetail Deer we can arrange a successful hunt for you or your group. We have several ranches available allowing flexibility and opportunity for 1 day trips to all inclusive 7 day remote hunting camps.

Our location lends itself to a picture perfect hunting area and the ability to grow large bodied and heavily antlered Whitetail deer. From the natural cedar to the unique undergrowth and assorted swap grasses, this becomes an ideal habitat when joined with our managed breeding and feeding program. The Big bodied whitetail deer with large headgear are thriving- once in a lifetime trophy bucks scoring over 170 B.C being common!! If you are really searching for a 200 B.C type Trophy whitetail, we feel this can be accomplished. These trophies are hard to come by, but we will do our best to help you in adding one to your trophy collection.

Our early season Hunters harvest deer over 300 pounds on a regular basis. These are your true northern heavyweights. We position our heard and harvest our bucks starting at the age of 4.5 years old, the age bracket when they become a real trophy with an ideal age bracket of 6.5 years old. We manage our herd well and have trophy deer available in all age classes.

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Lake, Michigan 48632
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